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Buxton Street by Street

About Buxton Street by Street

Buxton Street by Street COVID-19 Support Group was set up on Facebook in March 2020 by three local people, Anna, Claire and Caitlin.  Their aim was to mobilise the community to provide immediate help to local people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Followed swiftly by a dedicated website https://buxtonstreetbystreet.co.uk, the group now has an impressive 2,600 members, who have been active supporting neighbours with shopping and telephone companionship, daily emergency food parcel delivery scheme and more latterly with supporting people on a range of tasks including IT,  Covid and community information delivery and car park marshalling at vaccination centres.

As the pandemic continues and the work of the group expands, Connex Community Support have been partnering with Street by Street since October 2020.  This helps provide crucial management support and enables Anna, Claire and Caitlin to spend more time working towards meeting community needs, and engaging with the community to find out how the group should develop in the future.  Recently they have been helping a local businesswoman to set up a new Buxton based hardship fund, The Breadline, aimed at tackling some of the financial impacts of the pandemic.

Who do we help and how?

Anyone who needs help during the ongoing pandemic can contact us.  We can offer:

  •  Help to keep you safe and healthy in isolation, quarantine, or lockdown.
  • Help so you can go out and about safely and with confidence.
  • Help with hardship support and links for employment support.
  • Help to keep you connected with the community and combat loneliness.

Will it cost me anything?

No, there is no charge for our help but you will need to pay for your own shopping.


How do I get help from Buxton Street by Street?

Simply contact Anna, Claire or Caitlin using the contact details below.


Would you like to volunteer with us?


Contact Information

Anna Watson

BSbS Coordinator

Telephone: 07572 001 815



Claire Mitchell

BSbS Coordinator

Telephone: 07572 004 306



Caitlin Bisknell

BSbS Coordinator

Telephone: 07572 001 515



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