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The Breadline

About The Breadline

The Breadline is a new hardship fund providing a local line of defence against hardship by helping families and people in Buxton who are living on the breadline.  Supported by Buxton Street by Street and Connex Community Support, The Breadline is being led by Carolyn ‘Caz’ Kidd, owner of The Tradesman’s Entrance Café.

Who does The Breadline help and how?

The Breadline can provide emergency support in the form of £10 vouchers for food, and help with travel expenses and phone top-ups.  People in financial difficulty can make an application for either a £10 shopping voucher for each person in their home, phone credit, or travel expenses, by completing the referral form on this page and returning it to The Breadline.

Anyone living in the five wards of Buxton and wanting help or support can ring The Breadline direct on 07377 384 650 or contact Claire, Anna or Caitlin of Buxton Street by Street.

For further information, visit the new website https://www.thebread-line.co.uk/ 

How can I donate to help The Breadline?

If you would like to help those in need by donating to the Breadline, you can make a donation via Connex Community Support by BACS:

Name: Connex Community Support

Bank: Santander

A/c: 01770004

Sort code: 090720

Please use this reference:  The Breadline


Alternatively you can make a cheque payable to Connex Community Support, marked on the back ‘The Breadline’, and send it either to Caz Kidd at the Tradesman’s Café, or direct to Connex at 16 Eagle Parade, Buxton SK17 6EQ.

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Contact Information

Head and shoulders photo of Caz Kidd smiling by sea

Caz Kidd

The Breadline Voluntary Coordinator

Phone, text or WhatsApp: 07377 384 650

Email: thebreadline@connex.org.uk

The Breadline

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