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Alive and Kickin’

Who do we help and how?

The Alive and Kickin’ project is funded by Comic Relief and aimed at those of you over 65 who want to contribute to your community by getting involved in running fun activities for YOUR own age group, and at the same time make new friends and improve your social life. It’s also an opportunity to get your voice heard in the development and delivery of new activities and services for the over 65’s across the Peaks and Dales.

Activities so far:

Park Pootles

Are you looking for a some safe, gentle exercise and friendly company? The park pootles take place weekly throughout the year on Wednesday afternoons and are a gentle stroll through Buxton Pavilion Gardens. We finish with a coffee and chat in a local café.  If you want to know whether the walks are for you or for more information about where we meet then please contact Connex and ask for Carol Townsend.

New Age Kurling

Based at Buxton Methodist Church, this fortnightly group meets to enjoy all the benefits of indoor curling without the ice.  Why not try it out – anyone can play no matter what your ability and it’s really fun to play!  You can also help us by getting involved in running sessions, delivering talks about the benefits of this fun activity and taking the sport out into the local community.

Art in the Church

Feeling creative or just want to give art and craft a try? This friendly group meets once a fortnight on a Tuesday afternoon at St Anne’s Catholic Church Community Centre. We are not all great artists we just give it a go-you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Topics include, portraiture, pottery, collage and even digital art.

Coffee morning at the Lee Wood Hotel

A traditional coffee morning, once a fortnight on a Wednesday morning at the Lee Wood Hotel in Buxton. If you want to get out more, then do come along and enjoy the surroundings of this lovely hotel with good company and a cuppa and biscuits. We are always looking for more people to join us.

These are just a few of the activities we offer, but we’d like to hear from you if you have an idea for an activity group for over 65’s.  Come and get involved!

How much does it cost?

Some activities carry a small charge – this is to help us build a reserve so your activity groups can continue after our funding ends.  The money can help you in future with transport, room hire and refreshments.  The charge depends on what the activity is, but is never more than £4.  For details, ring the Alive and Kickin’ coordinator on 01298 23970.


How do I get referred to Alive and Kickin’?

There is no referral necessary.  If you are over 65, want to get out and have some company, and would like to get involved in activities that are a bit different to traditional tea dances and bingo nights, just phone us on 01298 23970 and ask about how to join in.  Of course, we are happy to take referrals from GP’s, social services and so on, if they know of anyone who would benefit from joining our Alive and Kickin’ activities.


Where will Alive and Kickin’ take place?

The project runs in Buxton and the surrounding areas, and will soon be spreading out across the Northern Derbyshire Dales.  We will be taking some of the activities out into villages so if you live in rural areas, you need not miss out!


Would you like to volunteer with Alive and Kickin’ activities?


Our Alive and Kickin’ project recently held a writing competition about ‘Life in Lockdown’.  There were some fantastic entries and we enjoyed them all. This is the winning entry by Annabelle Hodgkinson.  Head and shoulders photo of smiling older lady wearing orange cardigan and blue top

The Prisoner-Annabelle Hodgkinson

I went beyond the prison walls today,

But still had lots of rules to obey.

A special bus picked me up at the door,

It had only three seats and a bare metal floor.

In order to complete his task

The driver wore gloves and a facial mask.

We crossed the bridge and the cattle grid into the park,

Where sheep and their lambs wandered free as a lark.

It was good to see fields and the open sky,

More sheep and cattle, a lone tractor passing by.

Such beauty, such colour, everywhere so pretty,

Even when we reached the outskirts of the city.

Everyone was so kind, smiling and polite,

With no trace of anger, suspicion or spite.

But we had to sit apart on disinfected seats,

There was no trolley, hot drinks or sweet treats.

They said at the moment everything is fine,

But you’ll have to come again in six months’ time.

So, I knew I had to go back to prison,

Nothing had changed, no new rules had arisen.

But it’s June, high summer, all nature at its best,

I’ve never seen things growing with such vigour and zest.

So, don’t be a moaner, a bore, depressed, dull and sad,

Live life as an optimist, always happy and glad.

The end of the journey, the prison is in sight.

The entrance looks secure, all is shiny and bright.

Do I have to go in? I’ve enjoyed being out,

And seeing the sights from all round about.

I see ivy on the wall, I see the big gate: – then Stumpy the gnome,

And quickly step into the warm embrace and the welcoming walls of home.

Copyright Annabelle Hodgkinson, June 2020

Our Alive and Kickin’ project recently held a writing competition about ‘Life in Lockdown’.  There were some fantastic entries and we enjoyed them all. Here is the runner -up entry.

‘Dear Little B’ by Angela Wilkinson

 The year you were born the world changed. We should have prepared better but lost in our Brexit bubble we failed to heed the warnings. As the virus spread the shops, the pubs and the schools closed and life became very different for us all. Stay at home we were told, save lives and protect the NHS. 

 I could not do much to help others but at least I could do that. So, stay at home we did.

No longer could I journey to see your brother and your cousins. Instead every Saturday night we would meet up on Messenger and have a catch up and a quiz. With just my little dog Archie for company there were times when I felt very lonely but all around us wonderful things were happening. Rainbows appeared in windows and communities began to come together and care for each other. Doctors, nurses and care workers up and down the country sacrificed their lives with their families to look after the sick.

 The daily walk through the quiet, ghostly streets became a joy. In the peace and tranquillity while the virus reaped its devastation, nature came to life. The birds sang, the flowers bloomed and the sun shone.

 We lost count of the days but every Thursday at 8pm we would all come out on to the streets clapping our hands and rattling our pans to celebrate our brave key workers. A brief chance to wave to our neighbours before we all disappeared once more.

VE Day came and instead of the carefully planned national day of celebrations we had socially distanced street bingo, music and dancing in our driveways. I so hoped that this would be a wakeup call for the world. Surely this would finally make us appreciate the fragility of life and the wonders of nature?

When the lockdown was lifted thousands flooded out with picnics and barbecues and left a trail of devastation in their wake. Our moorlands were ablaze and our beautiful countryside immersed in litter. I hung my head in sorrow. Did we not learn anything?

 The rainbows may have gone from our windows but these times will be etched in our hearts forever. For me 2020 will always be a very special year – a year when we saw the very best and the very worst of human nature but above all it will be the year when you came into our lives and made our world a wonderful place again.

 All my love

Nana W xx

Contact Information

Carol Townsend

 Alive and Kickin’ Coordinator

Telephone: 01298 23970

Email: aliveandkickin@connex.org.uk

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