Repair Café 

Repair Café
Buxton Methodist Church 
Chapel Street
SK17 6HX

4th Saturday of each month.
9.30am – 1pm – last item accepted 12.30pm.
(Doesn’t run in July or December0.


Some of the reasons for items needing repair are frayed wires causing bad connections, broken switches, need for a new plug, fuse or battery, requirement for a judicious application of specialist glue – sometimes just a bit of fluff in the wrong place!

Some of the reasons for non-repair of electrical items were new parts being more expensive than the cost of the item, not being able to gain access to carry out a repair, and damage caused by leaking batteries.

Our Volunteer Repairers would really like to be able to fix every item but designed in obsolescence, and limited availability of spare parts can block their efforts.