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If you are interested in the idea of volunteering, we can help you to identify and apply for volunteering opportunities, whether this is with us at our offices in Buxton or Ashbourne, or with other charities, community groups, non-profit or public service organisations.

Will it cost me anything?

Our service is free to members of the public.  You may incur some expenses when you start volunteering, such as travel.  Many organisations will be able to help with these costs, but not all, so if this is important for you, it is worth asking before you commit your time.

Why Volunteer?

By volunteering you can:

  • meet new people, make new friends
  • develop your skills and CV
  • change the lives of people in your community
  • improve your confidence
  • gain a sense of self achievement

Do I need any experience or qualifications?

This will depend on what you wish to volunteer to do.  However, we can usually help to find a suitable volunteering role for most people, whether they have experience or specific skills or not, and regardless of age, gender or ability.

How do I apply?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinators at our Buxton or Ashbourne offices by phone or email. They will arrange to see you to discuss local volunteering opportunities.  They will help you consider what you want to gain from your volunteering experience and help you match your interests, skills and development needs to an opportunity that will help you achieve your personal goals.


If you are a community group, a not for profit organisation , a public sector body or a charity, you can register with us for free and we will advertise your volunteering opportunities on our website, at our offices and through our network of contacts.  Additionally, if you have any issues around working with volunteers and would like some guidance, call us for a chat.

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