Hall Bank Trust donation to Connex Community Support

The Deputy Mayor of High Peak, Councillor Stewart Gardner, attended the presentation of donations by Hall Bank Trust to the Buxton-based charity Connex Community Support.

The total of £15,840 goes towards the running costs of 3 projects: One is to create a “What’s On for Older People in Buxton” guide which will list social and recreational offers available for everyone over 65, as well as services that provide help and support when needed.

Roddie MacLean from the Hall Bank Trust says: “This project is one of the first that BHBT has directly instigated. We usually wait to be asked for financial help – and are open to any request which benefits older people in Buxton – but felt a guide would allow older people to know what’s available and also show providers where the gaps in provision are!”

Buxton Hall Bank Trust emerged following the sale of the former Hall Bank Day Centre. The Trust has funds invested and aims to give away the income for the benefit of older people in Buxton, on an ongoing basis. BHBT has had a period of enforced inactivity following the death of its much loved treasurer Sue West, but is delighted to now be continuing her legacy.

The other projects supported by the donation are the Connex Befriending service and key safe installation scheme. The former supports around 45 older people through volunteers visiting them and spending time for a chat which ensures regular social contact and better mental wellbeing.

Connecting people within their communities is the key focus of Connex which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and provides services for people of all ages. Amongst these is a Home Maintenance and Clearance service which will carry out the key safe installations for people who need them in order to be discharged from hospital, or for home care arrangements to be put in place.

Roy Pickles from Hall Bank Trust instigated the idea following his shock about the closure of a Handy Van Service in 2022 which had previously provided this support.

André Knirsch from Connex confirmed: “We are extremely grateful about the support from Hall Bank Trust as it enables us to help with key safe installations again and provide other services such as the befriending scheme and creating the ‘What’s On’ guide. Such projects are difficult to fund through statutory monies and grant making programmes yet their impact is that people can live safe and fulfilling lives”.

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