The Place I Live

Over 65 and looking for something to fill your time. Ever fancied becoming a budding photographer?

If so, Connex would like to see your pictures of the Peaks and Dales for our Spring photo competition! We are looking for interesting pictures that capture the place you live. These are open to your creative interpretations and they don’t need to be professional photos taken on a camera, a mobile phone will do.  

compilation of photographs




There are 4 categories for your photos-

Interesting architecture -this may include historical features, statues, buildings, walls etc.

Landscapes -which may include parks, your gardens, lake views, forests etc.

Quirky or amusing local features -we’ll leave this one open to interpretation!

Local wildlife or animals -including the flora and fauna, or even your pets etc.

Deadline for photos is the 4th April 2022 and prizes will be awarded to the ones our judging panel like best. You can email your pics back to Carol Townsend titled Connex photo competition, stating which category you’re entering, at

If you’d like to join in but don’t have email, a phone, tablet, or camera, let us know and we’ll see how we can help – ring 01298 23970/07956 709946.

All submissions will be subject to publication so please ensure you don’t send us anything you wouldn’t like us to publish. All photos must be your own work.  Please don’t take and send pictures of people unless you have their prior consent.